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Networking Events

Networking Taking-the-Opportunities 02-0402-2014It's All in the Networking!

Westminster Chamber of Commerce provides many opportunities for its Members to network. Networking events begin with the "Lunch Connection," "Business After Hours," and Special Events like Orange County's Largest Mixer.

But don't limit your thinking to the standard type of networking events! Grab the networking opportunities that come with Ribbon Cuttings, Grand Openings, and Members celebrating Landmark Anniversaries!

Of course there are even more ways to get your business name out there. Each year the Chamber hosts other Special Events including Lunch with the Mayor, the Public Service Awards Luncheon, our Annual Meeting & Installation Awards Luncheon, the State of the City Luncheon and so much more.

Make your plan to attend all these events to establish good relationships with Members and Prospective Members. Come prepared to meet new customers, distribute flyers and business cards. Prepare yourself ahead of time by practicing a quick 30-second self-introduction* or a longer commercial for the "Lunch Connections" and "Business After Hours." Attending one event is good, but attending regularly (as often as possible) will be the key to firmly establish your contacts.

And the more you attend the many Westminster Chamber events, the more likely it will be that you will find your picture on our website!

*Networking Tips:

After you give your quick 30-second self-introduction, spend the next few minutes asking questions about the business that person you are speaking to represents. Make others feel important and they will remember you!

When networking, if two or more are already in the middle of a conversation, stand by and listen. Wait for the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business. As you listen, you'll gather some 'intel' on your prospect to help form your own questions about their business.


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