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About the Westminster Chamber

Westminster-Chamber-of-Commerce Office Westminster-CASERVING THE WESTMINSTER BUSINESS COMMUNITY FOR MORE THAN 100 YEARS...

The Westminster Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1913  by a small group of local merchants with the mission to guide in the development of the city of Westminster. At the time, the Chamber focused its efforts on several main priorities: bringing commercial and residential development into Westminster; encouraging settlement in the area; bringing fresh drinking water to residents; and supporting commerce in the area. The Chamber also played a critical role in bringing lumber and building materials into the region prior to World War I. It was these efforts that helped the development of Westminster's  local economy. Today, the Chamber is the largest nonprofit advocate for the Westminster  business community. With nearly 1,000 members representing 400,000 employees, the Chamber is actively involved in local government, regional economic development and providing valuable resources to its members.

Westminster Chamber of Commerce, the official "Voice of  Business" in the City of Westminster, concentrates its efforts toward creating a better business climate in the city of Westminster. We provide special events and monthly networking opportunities for the business community. We urge all businesses to become a member of the Chamber and to tap into the many benefits afforded our members. A single voice can go unheard. However, the collective, united voice of the Chamber is effective and beneficial to business. A united business community presents a stronger front on important issues.

Westminster is admired for its rich heritage and diversity of population. There is a genuine cooperative effort among citizens and businesses to provide progressive education, excellent civic and recreation services, cultural programs, and a better business climate with strong economic development. The Chamber advocates business growth and development and supports those programs that make this city an attractive choice for both new and relocating companies.


Westminster Chamber of Commerce, an organization of businesses working together for growth and stability, is the official "Voice of Business" for the City.

The Westminster Chamber of Commerce aims to be the most influential business network, advocate and resource for growing commerce in the City of Westminster.

  • To serve our member businesses and employees representing all sectors throughout the City of Westminster
  • To provide opportunities to enhance our members best business interests through networking, advocacy and business resources
  • To partner with our members and other organizations to make the City of Westminster more prosperous
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